Q. Are these compatible with my phone?
Majority of devices with Bluetooth will be compatible with our SPOT™ headphones. It uses the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology so you can confirm with your device manufacturer to be sure. If you are still uncertain, please contact us with the make and model of your phone or Bluetooth device.

Q. Are these waterproof?
All our headphones are rated IPX5 and above. This means that they are water resistant and can handle rain and sweat without issues. Our IPX6 and above-rated headphones can be submerged in water (swimming, shower, etc.). However, we do not recommend submerging them into the water for long periods of time to preserve the longevity and quality of the headphones. 

Q. I see your headphones sold by other retailers
We have re-sellers of our products around the world, but they will not be covered by our 14-day returns guarantee as the majority will be refurbished or our previous Bluetooth 4.2 Models. 

Q. Only 1 Earbud is Working
If you are experiencing issues with only 1 Earbud working, please check out our product support page https://www.fmfaudio.com/pages/support

Q. Can I use 1 earbud and give someone else the other?
Yes! Because this is a true wireless headphone, you can connect each earpiece individually. In fact, the earpiece automatically connects once it detects that it has been put in your ear!

Q. When will my order be shipped? 
Orders are usually shipped out within 24-48 hours from our manufacturing plant. Since we ship globally, please allow 1-3 weeks to receive your product

Q. Where is my tracking number?
Your tracking number will be sent to you once your order has left our warehouse within 24-48 hours of placing your order.

Q. My tracking hasn't updated for xx days 
This is nothing to worry about, this is usually customs being slow. What tends to happen is the tracking goes dark while it's being processed at customs, which might take several days. It then speeds back up when the item arrives in the destination country.